¡Disfrutamos de preparación de este alimento
maravilloso de Arizona meridional! ¡Era quizás
la historia de los gauchos de la Argentina que
insistieron que agregue más carne! ¡Éste
es alimento verdadero para el hombre robusto!

it is the beef that makes the difference!

All foods and recipes have a history, some as long as mankind, others recent innovations.
The 'Chimichanga' was 'invented' in the Tucson area of southern Arizona around the 1920's with several
folks claiming the honor. However, it is rumored that on a visit Rogelio Luis Obispo de Telosa
snuck into town and grabbed the recipe for himself! Rogelio ( pronounced Ro-hel-lio) favored this
 manly dish of a real burrito stuffed with shredded beef and cheese and deep fried!

¡muy macho!



Step 1

First, take as large a piece of beef that you may desire
 to turn into chimichangas. I would use 3-5 lbs.  Cut the
 beef into large cubes (2 inches a side). Place in a crock
 pot fill with water and your favorite seasonings and cook
slowly over night. I like to throw in some alcohol for
medicinal purposes (brandy or Armagnac) and
a bit of tenderizer.

Drain and then season the beef. Freeze if you wish
 to use later... which does nothing more than
 bring out the flavor!

A couple of notes to ponder:

To shred beef, it must first be cooked very slowly. A
crock pot serves this purpose. Some folks like to
 immerse the meat in stock and seasonings, others
like to cook the meat slowly in it’s own juices. I
prefer the former as the latter tends to overly
toughen the exterior of the meat. The cooking has
 a remarkable side benefit, it leans out the meat
by reducing ( cooking) out the fat.

The seasonings one can use in the slow cooking
 process are many: onions, garlic, cumin, coriander,
cayenne pepper, tarragon, lemon peel, cilantro, thyme,
 oregano, ginger. I have even seen recipes that call
for allspice ( called Paprika in Jamaica - confusingly
 enough - I am told) , lime juice, various fruits,
cinnamon, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce,
 and dill. Of course, everyone says “salt and
black pepper to taste.”






Step 2

Make Cheese Sauce

Basic Mexican Cheeses
1 sweet and sautéed onion
Bell Pepper
red peppers as desired

seasonings ( cumin, garlic, salt pepper





Slicing bacon this way makes it self dicing!




Step 3

fry up some bacon, drain, crumble





Getting the onions clear is the secret...
 soft and tasty not crunchy and nasty


Step 4

Here we see beef, onions, peppers, garlic , bacon
 and spices drained! One of the keys is to keep the
 interior of your chimichanga dry ... or it will be mushy
after deep frying

Add beef. bacon and cheese sauce together





Step 5

Buy your tortillas if you must... but t isn't hard to
 make your own and that will be something special!

add filling to flour tortilla and roll using tooth picks
 to keep the Chimichanga closed during cooking





Step 6

 warm up the tortillas ( an oven will do) to keep
them flexible... I used my deep fryer as that works just as well.



Here the chimichangas prepare for their hot bath
 in hot peanut oil for about 3 to 4 minutes at 375 degrees

The skewers hold the chimi's in place during cooking.
I tend to roll the tortilla, fold the flaps, pin them and
 place the chimis flaps down.


Step 7

serve on a bed of lettuce, salsa, sour cream
and guacamole


we aim to please our customers!





Part of any meal is the presentation.  Classically,
 Chimichangas are placed on a bed of lettuce
with guacamole, sour cream, sliced olives and a
 nice salsa ( a homemade Pinapple salsa is quite nice)






oh, I put this one in for Kristin and Karen
 as I know the cheese will please!

However the real secret in preparing a chimi
is how you prepare the beef!

(You want the beef soft and tender and completely
 separated strands.)



Oh., there are many variations that you can try... and if you are in a rush you can easily transform
 this simple recipe into something simpler by buying certain premade products on the way...
if you want rice (Buy Zatarain's or Uncle Ben's ready to eat Spanish Rice).

However, one loses a lot by taking shortcuts. Besides a real chimichanga doesn't contain rice...

Enjoy this simple but wonderful dish from Arizona!

oops! I meant to say... thanks 'Rogelio!'