Laura's Cousin Pam and her husband David have a fun hobby
and they have graciously shared their secrets with us!

yummy ingredients: dark malt extract
(easier than mashing it yourself), 1/2 lb. Cara
Munich & 1/4 lb. Chocolate grains (ground fine
 and in a cheesecloth bag), 1 oz. Pearle hops
and Liquid KOLSH German Ale yeast


Steep grains in 2 gal. of water.

Steep it! Steep it good! Then remove grain bag.

David makes sure all is well!


Pour in the malt extract, scrape out
every last drop!


Pearle hops.......1/2 oz. in....boil 1/2 oz. in
....boil 1/4 oz. in boil.
Chillin' the wort!

Hard to tell from this but there's a copper coil
in the wort, the garden hose is hooked to one
end and cool water brings the temperature down.


Straining the beer into the carbouy!
Pitchin' the yeast! Blow off hose from beer into water so it
 can bubble for a couple weeks.
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