Our Presentation made a big impression!


Boating on the lake!

Remembering Memorial Day in Boston

Kristin and I paying homage to the home
of the 3G 63GB iPad!


Who knew that the presentations at the
conference were going to be so.... YUMMY!!

A wonderful presentation about the
healthful benefits of spices that we are
 now only rediscovering!

Caviar? Not quite, made with melon!

A great talk about William James!


Kristin and I dressed up in our Slytherin shirts for our "snakes in Suits " presentation


It was a great family effort! My sister Karla
even helped out! She drew the snake!

One of Boston's beautiful old churches

Years ago, when I was talking to Harvard's coach,
I leaned on this tree for a photo.
 I was much bigger then!

I thought Karla would love this picture!

(ABOVE) Kristin and I get in the mood to
 dine on Boston's famous lobster!


(RIGHT) My iPad clear shows where I was...
Harvard Square!




I thought APS was very clever... they called these:




By the MIT sign


For our last night... we wanted sushi!



Association for Psychological Sciences Convention
in Boston

was a wonderful success!

Maybe you will join us next year?