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Yes, the rumors are unfortunately true. Today (September 17, 2004), I received a formal letter (dated back on the 10th) from Florida Head Track and Field Coach Tom Jones that I am officially “dismissed” from the Florida Women’s track and field team.

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First, allow me to reassure you. I am very happy that this long ordeal is over.
To my friends and fans: I have really appreciated your support over the years and your letters have always touched me! For this reason, I think I owe you a full explanation of what I went through at Florida.

.. How My Site Began... Back in 1995

My original site began as a Val Kilmer Fan site! Maybe some of you may remember my early 7th - 9th  grade years where I covered both track and 'Val'? It changed with the addition of track (1996) and weightlifting (1998). Every year it gets bigger and more fun. (Over time, I think my preference has changed more to the Rock and Arnold! Sorry Val!)

The site grew to include my track seasons in high school and I even worked for my internet service provider to help pay the monthly fees. In high school, I announced my college selection on the internet and I shared with track fans everywhere my joys of college life and my first conference championship at SMU by winning the "WAC".

At Florida, I helped some of my friends by promoting their sports and by giving some publicity to the Florida throwers by featuring them on my site.


Here I am as a 7th grader.
Sometimes I threw with my left
hand and sometimes with my right!
(Throwers just LOVE those high school shorts!)


happens now?


As they say, "when God closes a door, he opens a window." I came back to Florida because I absolutely love my Public Relations major! My professors are the BEST, and I'm learning so much. I do not regret my return. I am happy with my life and I hope my teammates find success in the seasons ahead.

Even losing 2004-2005, I do have one full year of eligibility left after this one, so who knows? I definitely want to do grad school in public relations. Although it's hard for throwers to go pro, who knows about that either? Right now, I'm going to keep training and lose some weight. You can follow my progress in the Diet Diaries.

Before I say good bye.....

 Some very special thank you's.....


Donna and John Dye with Karen Freberg at National Scholastic

I would like to thank some people who really helped me over the years I competed in track. John and Donna Dye of Dyestat gave me the opportunity to write "Karen's Diaries" in high school about my recruiting process (okay, so maybe I'm a lesson in what NOT to do when choosing a school!) It was a great honor. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Dye!


Many thanks go to my friend Tom Borish, who not only published my journals on his wonderful site, but who "escorted" me at practice at the outdoor NCAAs when I was getting the usual "treatment" from my coach.

Gentlemen are rare,
Tom, and thanks for being one.

Yes, that is the famous photographer
Kirby Lee on the left. Thanks, Kirby, for all the great pictures!

Thanks also go to Doug Speck and his colleagues at Dyestat Cal and California Track and Running News. Mr. Speck gave me my first interview when I was only a sophomore in high school!

Thanks to our hardworking track officials, and to Roger Van Pelt in particular, for always having a smile and a word of encouragement for us when we were scared to death at a big competition.

To all the athletes, parents, coaches, and fans who visit our website -- Thank you for all of your support. You have made running my web page truly fun! I believe if more track and field athletes constructed web pages that it would be great for the sport. Jeremy Wariner is setting a good example.


Special thanks go to Akera Lathan for daring to be my friend and not bending to pressure from coaches and peers.

I am really sorry that I could not have helped you more.

Courage is a very rare trait, and it will serve you well. I hope you have many successes at the University of Miami!

And yes, I'll be there to cheer you on whenever the 'Canes compete in Gainesville.

I would like to thank the many many fans of track and weightlifting outside of my country who have dropped by to visit or say hello. I have tried to show you what is good about our country and I have tried to show you some of the challenges we sometimes face. Thank you!

Finally, I would like to thank my parents and sisters. Without their support and love, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thank you Mom and Dad, Kristin and Karla.

I may be taking a break from track, or I may be done with track completely, but I will be doing other things! If you are an athlete who has moved on, I would love to hear how you transitioned to your new life. I will keep my website updated with all my activities.


I will always have fond memories of track, and I will always be a GATOR!


Best wishes,

For a more in-depth explanation of what happened, look here. If you don't want to know the truth, don't look. Your choice.

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