My daughter Karla enjoys helping everyone do some searching on the internet  and
found a large number of interesting sites on recipes. When you are looking for something
interesting and different, the internet is the first place to start. Thanks Karla!

(Karla wrote this site)

(We'll add more sites as we find them.)         last updated :10/11/2007


And here is a site about recipes from different countries and continents, called Recipe Source. Check it out.

And a site about Trout Recipes from New Zealand.

And a site about Healthy Chocolate Recipes.

And another site on foreign recipes called Regional Recipes.

Here is a site I found about Spanish Recipes.





And whole lists of recipes from different countries from
a site called Recipe Hound. I know you probably
 like some better then others but it is nice to
think about something new once in a while and
you might find something interesting.