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Here's some of my practice, meets and just for fun videos and frame-by frames! It's fun to throw! -- Karen:)

If the videos are too big for your system...check out the FRAME-BY-FRAMES!

Hey... I am getting fitter! The Video of this 20lb throw is below!

Hey...I'll get better! I'm working on it!



 26 June 03 -- Weight Throw Video (Carefull... BIG Files!)
 26 June 03 -- Weight Throw   Frame By Frame!
23 July 03 -- 25lb Weight Throw!    Big Badda Throw!
23 July 03 -- 20lb Weight Throw!    whoooo-ey!


23 July 2003 -- 20 lb Weight Throw! Frame By Frame!
23 July 03 -- Standing Shot Put!
23 July 03 -- Full form Shot Put!

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