Welcome to Knoxville!

I thought it would be fun if Mom and I spent sometime exploring the
greater Knoxville area! We traveled up a mountain by cable car, went to
an Aquarium, studied Gatlinburg and enjoyed the fabulous food of the
Smokey mountains!

Love it!

Karen :)

Mom relaxing after a big day with a yummy dinner at the riverfront


Me and my buddy Marvin!
a view on the approach to the aquarium!
This is definitely a must visit if you get
into the Knoxville area!
I wonder what mom is thinking?
A lovely bunch of Jellie fish?
Crocodile, Frog Legs and Catfish!
And for dessert we have apple fritters
and ice cream!


Up, Up and away over Knoxville!


Mom... it's a bit warmish isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by! :)