Salting and Roasting Pistachios
 really isn't all that
   hard... and they
    taste so much
    better for your

So folks don't like adding salt to their nuts, but for me,
nothing brings out the flavor of a nut like an ample
amount of salt!

I add as much salt to water as it will hold before settling out.
 However, it this seems like too much , well... you can
scale it back.

Throw in some pistachios after reaching a boil on
your liquid and stir constantly until all that is left
are the nuts

The aroma is intoxicating!

After the water is gone, transfer the Pistachios to a cookie sheet and cook under a low heat in the oven (250 or so) for around 2 hours...

Into the oven!

My salted and roasted Pistachios will be safely put away...
until I will use them for Baklava!

What you choose to do with your delicious Pistachios is up to you!