Discovering a world to experience in Pastitsio!
                (pronounced Pah-stoo-chio!)


     The ancient Spartans were known for many wonderful things: the founders of democracy and a society in which
     women had a greater degree of self determination than anywhere in the world, including owning and inheriting

     The Spartan diet was said by many to be harsh and -- in fact -- they criticized the Persians  for  being 'soft' from a
     luxurious diet. However, Spartan chefs specialized in the preparation of meat and although Spartans ate many
     things, their chefs -- we are told -- were forbidden to learn how to cook anything but meat. All in all, a diet that
     appeals to many men today!

     So with this in mind, our Pastitsio contains a lot more meat than it's modern cousins. However, the cheese and
     noodles I use today come from Greece!

     Today, we indulge in the 'soft' foods beyond Sparta but with a more meaty appeal!

     Roger Leonidas


                                                                     Notes to our Chefs!

      This wonderful Greek dish is designed to serve many people and I have reduced some of the recipe for the typical
      smaller gathering. However, I did not reduce everything, should you not care to make a larger amount ( but you and
      your guests would really wished you had) then all you have to do is divide in half the sections that call for two pans.

I. Noodles

(for 1 pan)


     1 package --No. 2  Greek Pastichio noodles

    1/4 pound--Butter

     2 tsp--Salt

     2--Egg whites  ( use yolks in Mornay)

     1— veggie bouillon cube

     1 cup -- Kefalotiri cheese


     1.1 lbs of wonderful Greek Noodles! & a nice 2 lb. slice of
Kefalotiri cheese!

     Many recipes call for various substitutions, however, you"

     quickly realize that these Greek noodles are very different

     from the 'Penne" pasta substitution... for this we say,



II. Meat sauce

                  (for 2 pans)



     2 lbs—Lamb
     ½ lb- crisp bacon

     1 lbs--Pork

     2 cup--Kefalotiri Cheese shredded                 

     18 ounces -- Tomato Paste

     15 ounces --Tomato Sauce

     Coat the pan --Olive oil, butter and bacon fat

     2 cups --Red wine

     ½ cup –Garlic*

     2 --Sweet Onions*  


     2 tsp each: iodized sea salt, white pepper
                     and garlic powder

     2 tsp--Oregano

     1 tsp – allspice

     ½ teaspoon --Nutmeg

     3 tsp --Cinnamon

     ½ teaspoon --Rosemary

     ½ teaspoon --Thyme

     3 tbsp --Parsley

     ½ tsp --Coriander

     ½ tsp --Cloves

     1/4 tsp -- Fenugreek ( the ancient Greeks fed
     fenugreek to their cattle... but since I am only
     part Spartan, my 'soft side' will enjoys this a

     ¼ cup or more as needed--Bread crumbs
                  (absorbs moisture)


Nothing makes a home smell as wonderful as cooking bacon!

                             Only the best onions!

    adding 1 pound of very lean local Lamb makes all the
    difference to me.

     Accurate measurements are so important that the
    slightest slip will ruin completely this delicate dish...
     or maybe, not!




III. Mornay sauce

(for 2 pans)



     1/4 cup -- bread flour
     1 cup --Kefalotiri (cheese)

     6 –eggs + 2 egg yolks


     1/4 lb. -- Butter

     2 cups -- Heavy cream

     --Salt, white pepper, garlic powder

     1/8 tsp --Nutmeg

     1 tablespoons --Dill


          Are you getting hungry , yet? Well, we haven't even put
          this in the oven, yet!

IV. Topping



     --Bread crumbs


     ½ tsp – Spanish Paprika

     Just a dusting of this special Paprika gives just the right
     amount of  flavor






                           Monay Sauce


     A) Heat milk and butter to near boiling

     B) add flour incrementally

     C) add cream, salt & cheese to taste

     D) cool

     E) add beaten eggs, dill & nutmeg



                            Meat Sauce




     A) sauté onions and garlic in bacon fat
         and butter

     B) brown meat with spices

     C) add tomato sauce and paste

     D) add red wine and reduce

     E) Add Cheese

     F) add bread crumbs to soak up moisture



     Kefalotiri Cheese has been made since
     Byzantine times from nonpasteurized Sheep's
     milk. Depending on the length of time it is
     aged ( 2 months to over a year) and its origin,
     the cheese may be a white to an aged yellow.

     Kefalotiri is a hard aged cheese that is
     considered sharp by many, but --in my
     opinion-- not as sharp as the typical
     substitutes Parmesan and Romano.

        If you can find Kefalotiri cheese , it is well worth the

     A little cooked and crumbled bacon into the onion and garlic

     Seasonings and everything into the meat!







     A) Boil noodles with chicken bouillon cube
         and salt

     B) Drain  

     C) Add butter and cool

     D) Add egg whites

     C) mix in shredded cheese


     A good size pan for this meal... double the recipe for the
      standard restaurant pan



VI. Assembly:



     A) coat the baking pan with olive oil

     B) divide 1/2 of noodles and place in pan

     C) sprinkle the layer with cheese

     D) spread the meat layer over the noodles

     E) add the final layer of noodles

     F) sprinkle layer with cheese

     G) add Mornay sauce over noodles

     H) add cheese, breadcrumbs, and sprinkle
         with Paprika

     I) back at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or so*

      * if your mixture (as is mine) is thick it may
      take an hour or more. Then Let it stand for
      about 15 minutes to firm up before serving

     Third layer of noodles covered with Mornay Sauce spiced
     with nutmeg and dill and dusted with Spanish Paprika !


     First Layer of noodle mixture (egg noodles, egg whites,
     cheese  and butter)

          second layer: meat sauce and cheese


      Safely stored to be baked tomorrow!

          Enough meat for a second pan... at Christmas!

I hope you like our latest effort... now

"Molon Labe!"

(come and get them!)