Peanut butter with White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Cheesecake

Start with our basic Chocolate Cheesecake recipe (without the Cassis Sauce)

The difference start when the filling is finished.

1) divide the filling into two parts

2) one part flavor with 4 oz. of smooth and dry peanut butter
and microwave softened 3.5 oz. bar of white chocolate

3) the second half of the filling add 6 - 8 oz. of microwave softened milk chocolate

4) Pour each half into the pan at the same time (it's easier with two people) for
a unique marbling effect.

5) after cooking (follow the directions in the original recipe) then mix 6 oz. of
microwaved milk chocolate with a mixture of confectioner's sugar
and manufacture's cream!

6) Add Glazed Pecans ( about 8 oz.) on the top of the cake pressing into
 the frosting slightly



find quality chocolates for your cake


Nothing makes a pastry chef smile than making something wonderful with the best ingredients available!


Crushing the Oreos!

Mom mixing the cream cheese!


Laura "protecting" her creation!

The Cheesecake in the spring form pan cooked!

Cooling down in the frig!

ta dah!


Add the glazed pecans!


Look good enough for you??
Make this for the foodie you love!!