The Latest from our Kitchen!

I think you will find our recipes thoughtful, interesting  but most
of all delicious! I am always interested in input, so let me
know what you think...

Karen :)

Ye Ol Cherry Pie!

from the time of the colonies
& better!



Chocolate Pie

A rich chocolate pie
with meringue and 

A surprisingly great taste!

Pumpkin Cake

Make it as a cake or
 a cupcake with cream
 cheese frosting and
 slivered almonds!

Key Lime Pie

made with heavy cream
and the best meringue
 you ever had!

Lemon Meringue Pie

more lemon, more eggs
and a lot more fun!


American Eggnog!

Based on George Washington's
 original recipe!


Corned Beef Pie
for Everyone!

Whether for everyday
 or special occasion,
nothing appeals to more
 people like this version
 of Corned Beef Pie!


Fab Bread Pudding!

Special breads, apricots, blueberries, white raisins  and brandy sauce make this a special dessert!


brings out the Viking
 in you!

Karla's Animal Cookies

When it looked like they would be discontinued,
we had to come up with
our own!


Gingerbread Cookies

something to send to a
 loved one far away


Sweet and Sour Pork

Try this for your
Olympics party!

Scallops Alfredo

Shrimp & Scallops with
 a wonderful Alfredo
 inspired sauce


Special Greek Treats!

Greek Dolmades

stuffed grape leaves 

Greek Tiropites

A cheese turnover
made with filo dough

Christmas Baklava!

the richest and
tastiest Baklava
 you may be lucky enough
to ever know!


yummy layers of vegetables, meat, cheese with
a custard topping!


Food of South Africa!


South African

Originally a popular Italian dish brought to Cape town
 by the Dutch in the 1600's...
and then influenced
 by the world!


South African through
 & through


Dutch-Malay Hoender Pastei

 Chicken Pot Pie
with a distinctively
South African flavor!


Our Family's favorite
Carrot Cake recipe!

Special Recipe Variation: Amarula!

  Main entrée  
      "make it for someone you love!"


Great Pastrami!

make your own corned
beef then smoke it to
 become the best
pastrami you ever had!

Capt'n Rog
Lobster Lov'r Pie

wondrous plunder! 

Quiche Karla Loraine

the perfect Quiche!
Heavy cream, onions, bacon
garlic, chipotle & many cheeses!

"el Magnifico"

es alimento verdadero para
el hombre robusto!

¡muy macho!


5 Cooks Marinara Sauce!

for dipping your homemade
bread sticks or anything Italian!

El Cid Paella

baked to conquer your heart!


Kristin's Signature Dish:
Seafood Lasagna!

Crab, Lobster, Shrimp and
Andouille sausage!

Capt'n Rog Crab Quiche!

Crab, Cheese... and did we
say CHEESE?!!

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Rice, ground meat, bacon and
 sautéed onions!

Meatsa Lasagna!

More than you know!


Chicken Tetrazinni

You only THINK you know
this dish!

'ABC' Rolls!

Amarula, Blueberry &


Mighty Meaty Noodles
with cheese!

Familiar but new!

Pizza Pirogi's

from Russia with love!
a man sized meal


La Hermosa Laura's
Mexican Lasagna!

Old Southern

One of those wonderful
Chicken into a Duck
into a Turkey recipes!

an "Expensive"
Tuna Casserole!

the difference is what
makes it exciting!

My Favorite Seafood Gumbo!

make it for someone YOU love!

Pea Soup & More!

this is not your
momma's pea soup!


Homemade Applesauce!

Using an apple corer-peeler-slicer gadget makes this a breeze!


Beef Stroganoff

Is it really Duke Rogeroff's?



Fantastic Desserts!!

Gingerbread Cake

a vision from history


the best
Pecan Pie!

More of everything!
more pecans, honey, butter, eggs and
a dash of whiskey!

My Favorite Christmas Cookie
 in the entire world!

....Mushroom Cookies

 (no they are not made
from Mushrooms!)

Blueberry Coffee Cake
with Amarulla

the perfect aroma to wake up
to on any morning!


Kristin's Yummy
Hawaiian Island Cookies!

Macadamia Nuts plus so much mo'


with Kirsch, Port and Love!


Boston Cream Pie

(West Point Style)


Captain Rog
Peanut Butter/
White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate


Pure indulgence!



See Canyon Apple Pie

another great recipe
utilizing our own See
Canyon apple tree!

(sorry Laura, Pies are best!!)

Karla's Fudgy Gooey
Yummy Chocolate Brownies...
 just for you!


Chocolate Cheesecake
Creme de Casis & Rasberry Sauce and a touch of Amarula!


Karen's & Kristin's  Mudbars!

Once upon a time,  a similar
version was on an
old Nestle' Bag... but no more!


Fab Cheesecake with Amarula!

this cheesecake is fluffy
& delicious!

Very Rich Chocolate Eclairs!

Delmonico's from the turn-of-the-century once produced
these extraordinary desserts! Now, find them only here or
 buy the original cookbook!

Viking Rice Pudding

with a Scandanavian flare


Chocolate Chip Cookie the  "the Legend"

all foods have stories and
so does this recipe!



Snack Bars

a great honey, nutty,
peanut buttery & crunchy
 snack size treat


Karla's Strawberry Pizza

the strawberries have been
marinated a week!


other Special Recipes

a better

Milder and creamier



Hearty wheat bread
for Laura!

Great Onion
Hamburger Rolls

Great Hamburgers
with the best
hamburger buns!

Pineapple-Apricot Glaze
for Ham

a sweet delicious glaze with a tang!


Blueberry Bagels

Great with cream
cheese or as a

Work in Progress

Bowl of Gruel


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