La Hermosa Laura's Mexican Lasagna


I think nearly everyone has tried something called “Mexican Lasagna”
 or at least heard of it. However, like some of the other dishes
We have written about…
Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Tetrazinni
for example… often the name is the only thing that any of the
recipes have in common. Sometimes the recipes become so blurred
as in the case of the Stroganoff and the Tetrazinni that the only
 difference is that one has beef and the other has chicken… this
is just wrong.

In any event, researching something called “Mexican Lasagna”
was particularly challenging. The name itself would imply that
 the recipe is a ‘fusion.’ That is… it is a concept that came
from two different cultural identities. Looking at the  word
 ‘Lasagna’ — for example— can be traced back to a
similar Roman word and then further back to the original
Greek meaning of ‘ cooking pot.’ This should sound familiar… we
 use the name ‘casserole’ to describe almost anything that is
 cooked in a dish.

So what is “Mexican Lasagna?”

The way most of us today think of Lasagna is as food served
in layers. In the case of Italian Lasagna, we have basic layers
 of noodles and cheese. Many Mexican Lasagnas have layers
of cheese slipped between deep fried corn tortilla strips…
although this isn’t always the case. Adding to the confusion,
 there are several dishes that resemble ‘Mexican Lasagna’
under the names of ‘Chicken Mexicali’ or ‘Mexican Cheese Bake
’ and the like.

So, we began fixing our “Mexican Lasagna” in
 the true spirit of ‘fusion’ cooking…  and it will take the best
 — I believe– of all worlds!

You be the judge!



The Challenge: many versions of Mexican style lasagna (or similar
Mexicali Chicken) tend to have complaints about being ‘watery’… this
can be easily adjusted by adding incremental cooking during the
 preparation. The ingredients that often expend moisture while
 cooking: tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, salsa and the like.


Further sautéing will help reduce the high level of moisture.



Salsa "Kristin"


1 – sweet Onion

4 – Chipotle chilies (with some Adobo Sauce)

Season with red pepper flakes

Salt, pepper and garlic to taste

1 – Bunch cilantro

2 – Cans diced tomatoes

1 – Lime


Use food processor to create
desired consistency

the Salsa!  (below!)



Topping and for first layer




3 Mexican cheeses (4 cups)
1 cup bread crumbs

(sprinkled with melted butter)

Getting ready! Many things can be produces
a day or two before your the Salsa
& the "Mexican Trinity" of Onions, Peppers
and Tomatoes (& Tomatillos) (Salsa Below)


Casserole Ingredients:


4 chicken breasts
4 chicken thighs
1 can tomatillos (sliced thin)

1 lb bacon
2 cups manufacturer's
whipping cream
1 sweet onion
1 lb. - mushrooms
¼ cup crushed garlic
1 green bell pepper
1 can diced green pepper
1 – jar pimentos
24 corn tortillas*
olive oil ( for deep frying)
1 – 15oz.can black beans
butter as needed
1 –15 oz.  can corn
3 eggs


*extra chips can be use to snack with
salsa & guacamole'

(ooops... a little off recipe!)

(to be added to the meats)

1 tsp -- Chili powder
½ tsp. -- Marjoram
½ tsp – Cumin
½ tsp – Paprika

1 tsp – Oregano

Susie Q to taste




    Let's Cook!  


4 chicken breast halves
4 chicken thighs


Beginning to slice the chicken
 into smaller pieces



Step 1 – pan fry diced chicken, add
salt, garlic powder and pepper to
taste (Susie Q Brand Seasoning)





Step 2 – pan fry bacon... transfer
 meat and juice to chicken pan



Step 3 – sauté onion until onion is clear
... and sautéed mushrooms, 1 can tomatillos (cored, thinly sliced), garlic, 1 green
bell pepper, 1 can diced green pepper,
 1 jar pimentos , & seasonings



Step 4 –  in cooking pan under medium
 low flame, add meats to
black beans, corn until moisture
is nearly gone

 then add
onion  (Mexican Trinity)mixture,
1 cup mild cheese ( mozzarella ),
1 cup manufacturers whipped
 cream… & mix in 3 beaten eggs

stir until thickens





Step 5 – deep fry sliced corn
tortillas and set aside and season

At around 374 degrees, it will take
no more than 2 minutes to produce
 crisp, golden brown chips





Step 6 – sauté salsa.... mix salsa into manufacturer’s ½ cup
whipping cream & reduce
to desired consistancy



Step 7 -layer the lasagna


a) Place into a buttered casserole
 dish a layer of sliced deep fried
 corn tortillas
( pre-moisten with salsa mixture)

b) cover with meats

c) ladle on salsa combination

d) cover with 3 cheeses & bread crumbs & melted butter


e) Repeat with a second layer
and add remaining cheeses to
 the top


Cook 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes
… let stand 10 minutes before serving


Serve with sliced tomatoes,
Spanish rice, and top the
casserole with guacamole,
 sour cream and sliced olives,
a hearty wine (Pinotage) or a nice
 Mexican beer (Tres Equis or Bohemia)







it can be dangerous sipping the wine while cooking...
 I somehow lost some of my step-by-step photos along the way...
ooops... I will add them the next time around!