Kris Graham
Change of Command  Ceremony

The "Change of Command Ceremony"  is nearly as old as history in one fashion or another. This time it was Kristin's time to give up company command. Kristin had been a company commander working on her 26th month. This is an unusually long time as Company Command is a particularly demanding, all time consuming and challenging period. A year in command is the usual standard.

It gave me pleasure as Kristin's father to see the genuine respect the soldiers had for her contribution ... from the officers to the enlisted men and women. The impromptu presentations at the Company level by her first sergeant were touching.

First Sergeant Azucena presents Kristin with a few souvenirs of her 26th month experience. A smiling Kristin addresses her company
for the last time as commander.
One of Kris's most treasured mementos: the unofficial flag of her company signed by her leadership team.
Left to Right: Lt. Col. Peterson,
Captain Kristin and Col. Jones
A first Sergeant is referred to as a commander's "battle buddy" and mutual loyalty was obvious.


Major General Mason & Captain Kristin
 pose for a picture. MG Mason presented Kristin with his "Challenge Coin" which was well received.
Lt. Col. Peterson stands between the incoming and outgoing commanders


Lt. Col. Peterson delivered a thought
provoking and warm speech at
the ceremony.
CLICK to view the passing of the Guidon!

This ceremony marks the official change of command moving the "Guidon"
from one Captain to another and passing through the hands of the
overseeing officer ( Lt. Colonel Peterson in this case ) and the
Company's First Sergeant ( FSG. Azucena ).


Kristin will miss one of her favorite North Shore Haunts. why is it my daughters love Pizza so much... because I do?
The two princesses
in my Sheraton hotel.
Over 30 years ago, I went to my first "Hatsuhana" Sushi Bar. There were much more of them in the old days: two in Tokyo, one in Washington D.C., two in New York and one in Chicago ( now closed to the public). I first discovered it when I asked members of the Japanese Embassy where they ate their lunch... I have never been disappointed.
Kristin took me to the famous
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!

Kristin's generosity & warm company
was much appreciated!

Kristin with one of her  10 pound 'bars' of
Peters Chocolate! Nothing better!

Laura and I wanted to offer my own gifts of respect to Kristin for her accomplishments in command. Here's what we did:

PETERS CHOCOLATE: you cannot buy Peters, this exquisite Chocolate comes in 10 lb. blocks and is used as a 'coating' for other exotic deluxe chocolates. It is beautifully smooth and luxurious. Sorry Kris, Mom and I diverted one block for our uses ... a chocolate cheesecake  enrobed in Peter's hocolate  ... the best I have ever eaten!

KEN ONION CHEF KNIFE:    there are many great knives used in cooking... but the best for you depends on how you use it. This unusual knife is fun for both chopping and slicing.

CORNELIUS MILLER'S BUTTONS:  Cornelius Miller served in the Massachusetts 37th Infantry and died of his wounds traveling back home toward the end of the war. The 37th fought in many of the famous battles of the Civil war including: Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, Appomattox, and Brandy Station among many others.

Congratulations, Kris!

New Horizons & Challenges Await!

I would like to personally thank Dennis Witzel of Peter's Chocolate for helping me
 purchase 'only' 50 lbs. of Peter's Chocolate. It was a big hit at the celebration!

Dennis and I worked together at Nestle' in the early 1970's. Thank you!