International Public Relations Research Conference

Miami, Florida

The International Public Relations Research Conference was
 a wonderful opportunity to present and listen to 'cutting edge'
research in the area of Public Relations!

This was a wonderful worth while conference held in
beautiful Miami, Florida!


I ended up making 4 round
 table discussions of my project


the audience
the beautiful University of Miami!


 one of the many very green
areas around the
University of Miami
the luncheon award ceremonies


Dr. Don Stacks
Director of IPRRC Conference
a fountain at the
University of Miami


getting ready for my
I couldn't resist stopping and
 saying hello at the School
of Communications Building


"Hurry" Canes?
Outside the
Communications Building!
Bayon Trees are so beautiful!

Hopefully, I will be able to return next year to present
the results of my study!

I had a wonderful time!