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Year 4

Tennessee Ph.D Program!



My final year of my Ph.D. Program was another whirlwind of
activities! I passed my dissertation defense, it was accepted and now
published . You can download it at the University of Tennessee.

One of the highlights of this year  was publishing in Public Relations
 Review and making a small contribution by coining the term
"Social Media Influencer Capital."

I have accepted a position at the University Of Louisville as an
Assistant Professor of Strategic Communications. I am entering
my third year as an on-line instructor
for West Virginia University
very successful distance education program. I even had a young
soldier serving in Afghanistan as a student.


Presenting on  Social Media  Today!


Our research topic this year is:

Reverse-Engineering Leadership: Deconstructing Perceptions of
Personality in Generals and CEOs

What do Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and retired U.S. Army General
 Stanley McChrystal have in common? A Q-sort technique was used to identify
 audience perceptions of personality characteristics of CEOs and generals, and
results indicate more similarities than differences. CEOs and generals were
not viewed as similar to narcissists.



2011 Reputation Institute's Conference
In New Orleans

Real-time Media: Managing Your Brand in a World
of 24/7 Communication

Elanor Colleoni, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
Karen Freberg, University of Tennessee (United States)


Are you going to the PRSA Digital Impact Conference in New York?
If social media is your thing,  then this is the place to be!

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 I just created a new feed titled "The Crisis & Social Media Daily"
that shares links and posts by professionals, organizations,
and businesses I follow on Twitter that focus on social media,
PR, and crisis communications. Thought you all might find this fun :)



 Available online 4 December 2010
published in
Public Relations Review

Who are the social media influencers? A study of public
perceptions of personality
  Karen Freberg et al

Research highlights

Use of the California Q-sort (CAQ) to augment practitioner understanding
of audience perceptions of social media influencers (SMIs). Ability to
compare and contrast audience perceptions of SMIs and other relevant
 message sources, including CEOs.  Introduction of concept of
media influencer capital”
. Addition of a method to assess quality and
relevance of SMI influence, not just quantity as indicated by number
of followers, etc.



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Social Connectivity predicts subjective Loneliness




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