updated: 08/23/2010


Year 3

Tennessee Ph.D Program!



My third year of my Ph.D. Program was another whirlwind of
activities! I passed my comprehensive examinations and the
associated oral exam. My doctoral research proposal was also

One of the highlights of this year was having Dr. John Cacciopo
 talk to one of my classes via Skype. An audio copy of this discussion
can be found on this page.

I was also very pleased to have several papers
accepted to  a number prestigious conferences with one
garnering a top paper award:


IMC June 2010 Weekend event for Faculty & Staff at
West Virginia University
(I teach a graduate Public Relations on-line course

West Virginia University's IMC weekend's site


Crisis communication panel
(I am presenting around 20 minutes into the panel)

My Blog on the Crisis Communication Panel


my 2010 Conferences

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San Francisco -- November 2010

“Social media bookmarking services:  Managing and sharing
information from a centralized source.” 

aps convention pictures

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see the entire APS Observer

Association for Psychological Science
Boston -- May 2010

"Leaders or Snakes in Suits: Perceptions of Today's C.E.O's"

Rio de Janeiro!
(pictures at the Reputation Institute's Annual Convention )

Reputation Institute
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- May 2010

presentation 1

“Global reputation sustainability: A case study analyzing the responses and factors of the WWF and DDB Brazil ‘Tsunami’ advertisement crisis.”

presentation 2

“Understanding the effectiveness of a strong online reputation: Predicting the next social media influencer using the Q-sort.”

presentation 3

“Community response to the Tennessee Valley Authority
(TVA) ash spill.”

Alise -- Creating a Culture of Collaboration
Boston -- January 2010

"Google Books Case Study"

presentation 1

“The status quo of master’s level public relations education in the
 21st Century: A pedagogical dispute between theory and application.”

presentation 2

“The risks and threats to the academic library as the ultimate
knowledge source:  A case study looking at the impact of Google
Books on academic libraries.”

-- stay tuned for more updates to my 2010 conference schedule --


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Always fun to get a photo credit at a very prestigious
 organization, some of my photo journalist friends
would die for this!


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