Éclairs au Chocolat



Interestingly enough, this was the first time I have ever prepared
Chocolate Éclairs. It all seemed so much work, when the better pastry
 shops already produced a superior product. But did they really? I think
 you will agree that  by discovering some of the lost arts from over
100 years ago in culinary science.... you, too, can make something that
will convince you that the time and effort you spend in making this
superior product is well worth the effort... plus it is a lot of fun!

Now let's Bake!

Roger Freberg



STEP 1) Put into sauce pan over heat


2 cups water

2 cups milk

½ lb. butter



STEP 2) Remove the saucepan when it
 begins to boil and mix in:



4 – 4 ½ cups flour

Return to heat mixing vigorously until it ‘detaches’ from pan then set aside


(there's a lot going on here: chocolate is melting,
vanilla bean  is soaking in the milk, eggs, flour, and
 a large pan for the flour, butter and milk)



STEP 3) Incorporate 2 whole eggs



STEP 4) Add two more eggs … until the
 paste has fully absorbed
14 – 16 eggs total



(yep, here I am working into the batter 2
 eggs at a time up to 16)

HINT: the batter must be gooey but have substance...
you want it to stand up when you squeeze it out of a pastry tube!

STEP 5) FILL PASTRY TUBE (3/8 inch opening)


Prepare rows of éclairs 3” long,
‘egg over’ and bake in ‘slow oven’

(350 degrees for 30 minutes or so)


STEP 6) When the éclairs are cold,
split them through the sides


(aah... I think I need to test this one!)


 STEP 7) Fill them with vanilla pastry cream.




STEP 8) Immediately dip them into
 chocolate icing and lay them on
a wire rack to drain and dry

(Eclairs are 'dipped' 1/2 into a chocolate sauce
but NEVER iced)

STEP 9) Place them an instant at the
oven door to gloss


(messy but good!)


Pastry cream with vanilla
(Crème Patisserie a la Vanille)


1) Combine 10 egg yolks and
2 cups granulated sugar and
1 oz. cornstarch or fecula


2) Mix the ingredients together
and dilute with a quart of
boiling milk
(having infused 1 vanilla stick)


3) Stir continually over the fire
until it thickens and is ready
to boil… then pour into a
 vessel to use when needed.



Cooked Chocolate Icing


Put into a sugar pan (copper)
 ¼ lb of unsweetened chocolate
 and let it soften by the oven and
 dilute it with 1 cup of warm
syrup at 16 degrees or water… 
 then add to it some icing sugar
(confectioners) until the
 proper consistency



I think you will agree that this wonderful recipe from 'the Epicurean' circa 1920
clearly demonstrates the wonderful legacy of the cuisine from the late
1800's and early 1900's. This was a time when food was truly enjoyed,
healthy, flavorful and wholesome diet... and it also was a time when Americans
 did not suffer from many of today's ailments...

Reawaken your senses! Discover for yourself the goodness of butter,
a better way of preparing meals and improve the quality of your life!