Beijing -- Day 3 and 4

It has been a fast time in Beijing with the conference and trying
to catch all the sights! However, now my part is over and I can
really enjoy myself by watching other presentations and doing a
bit more looking around!

Come on , Kristin, let's go!


Here I am with the day's program.
My name is on it!


My PowerPoint slides
were well received

My Power Point Slides

My Brand in Crisis Paper


Here I am at the Podium!


What PR people do best,
we mingle!
Our Conference Banner My badge at the Conference!


Hou Hau Park at night Kristin and I are at a dinner
sponsored by the Reputation
Institute and held at a local
 Vietnamese Restaurant.
The food was wonderful and
we took 3 buses of
participants there!
Kristin posing at the Temple of Heaven Kristin playing a game called
Hacking sack with a local
A pretty lantern near the Temple! Temple of Heaven!


I always travel with jenny Craig!


Here I am at the Gates to Heaven!


Well, it was an exciting day and I did catch a bit of a cold,
but now we can sit back and watch everyone else present!