Beijing -- Day 2

We had a great time visiting the historic Great Wall of China
which is only 50 miles from Beijing at its closest point!

 In addition, we saw the Olympic Stadium, had great food
and went to the Ming Tombs


sign counting down to the 2008 Olympics!


Great Wall


Wonderful Chinese Meal!



Me and My chopsticks!



a great spot  along the wall!


a familiar view in travel cards!


looking up the hill

It goes without saying that I
Bring my Jenny Craig Meals
everywhere! I brought them
with me to England and
South Africa -- so why not to
the Great wall of China!

Thank you Jenny Craig!


Kristin & Me


Kristin & new friends on the Wall!


me at the restaurant!


entrance to the Ming Tombs!


Ming Tombs entrance



tomb of the first emperor


Having a wonderful time!