Beef Wellington

for those extra special occasions!

      I have to give Tyler Florence Credit for this wonderful Beef Wellington and I followed his directions completely...
     okay, well, sort of! However, I can tell you that he didn't miss a beat and the results speak for themselves... it is a
      very nice dish that is really easy to prepare. The reason it is ranked by some as difficult and others as moderate
      is that it is very time consuming. It is not that there are that many steps... it's just that some require time... for example,
      if you are asked to 'reduce in half' some liquid... it takes time, but it is not difficult.

      Here is his recipe and I will point out where I made some of my variations:

      Tyler Florence's "Ultimate Beef Wellington"



We have already seared the filet mignon and covered
it with Dijon Mustard... and made the mushroom/garlic/shallots and spice mixture

We have taken Prociuto and laid it out into a rectangle,
next we cover this with the mushroom mixture and then
place the meat in the center and roll, finally covering the
 roll with plastic very tightly

(SPECIAL NOTE) In his recipe he calls for roughly 6oz. of meat and maybe he can actually do this; however, I needed 12 ounces to make it work... and I think it makes it better!


Here is our Filet Mignon Roast rolled

After refrigerating the roll we cover it with puff pastry

(SPECIAL NOTE) I would suggest that you have more puff pastry on hand than he says is necessary


425 degrees F. for 45 minutes!

Part of the process of making our Green Peppercorn Sauce
 is to flambé the brandy

(SPECIAL NOTE)  I use Armagnac



The last step in the process is to add the Green Peppercorn, If you use dry peppercorn, you will need to add salt to the mixture... to your taste.

(SPECIAL NOTE) give yourself plenty of time on this one

The first slice

the Beef Wellington with the Green Peppercorn Sauce!


Beef Wellington with Green Peppercorn Sauce