Our wonderful South African Braii Meal!

Kebabs (Elk, Lamb, Steak, and Buffalo meat), corn on the cob, tomato and onion salad, shrimp curry, wild and yellow rice!

Sorry Jenny! :)


Mom's Amarula Carrot Cake!

Here is the picture of the carrot cake that Mom made for our braii.  Mom adapted the recipe that Amarula had on their web site, and let's just say that the carrot cake this year was absolutely


Plus, we all agreed that this recipe will have to be part of the traditional Freberg Family holiday meal along with Dad's turducken!

"Chef Daddier":  Watching the Master at Work with the Braii!

Dad is making sure that our appetizers of peasant and linguisa sausages are cooked just right.  I served as the taste tester! :)

It was AMAZING!!! :)

Bring on the Meat!

Here are the wonderful and yummy kebabs on the bbq-- along with the meat, we had huge mushrooms, onion, fresh pineapple, and red & green peppers!  What more can you ask for?

A family working together to make a wonderful meal!

Dad is showing Grandma June his collection of South African spices while I finish with one of the kebabs


Our Welcome Sign!

This sign was in Afrikaans, and it reads: "Hello!  Welcome to the Freberg Family South African Braii!"

Here is a picture of me in Mom's & Dad's Kitchen making one of the many kebabs for our braii meal!


Mom's Tomato, Egg, and Onion Salad

Mom made this traditional South African salad from Dad's Rainbow Cuisine cookbook-- it was really fantastic!


I've been bad Jenny-- really, really bad!

Here I am after my braii meal-- it made me a bit sleepy, but it was SO good!!!! :)

A must have from South Africa:   Biltong!

We had a selection of biltong for everyone to try out as part of our appetizers.  We had kudo, springbok, and ostrich.  It was the biltong that vanished quickly without a trace! :)


Mom is getting some of her yummy salad on her plate.


A toast to the chefs of the Freberg Family Braii!

Mom and Dad are getting the plates and decorations all ready for our lunch.  Chefs Mom and Dad really made a FABULOUS meal!!  Thank you so much!