2003 outdoor NCAA Videos!

Hello Guys! :)

Here are the videos my dad took at the
NCAA's ! We even have the big throws of Cantwell & Myerscough... you won't find them like this anywhere... up close & personal! I hope you enjoy them! -- Karen:)

By the way, these are very large files--if you don't have a DSL, Cable Modem, T1 line, etc., you probably shouldn't try this.  My dad took these movies with his new Hitachi direct to DVD camera, and they are in MPEG2 format.  If you have trouble viewing these, download the Elecard MPEG Player This is a really powerful shareware program that lets you scroll through the movies frame-by-frame, with lots of other cool features.

Shot Put!
     Christian Cantwell-- runner-up! (link fixed April 2004--sorry!)
      Carl Myerscough -- Champion
 Christian Cantwell -- Prelims

     Dan Taylor -- Prelims
     Sean Shields -- Prelims
     Scott Weigand -- Prelims
Jeremy Silverman -- Prelims


     Lucais MacKay -- Champion
      Drew Lofton

Shot Put!

      Becky Breisch -- Champion
      Kim Barrett
      Laura Gerraughty

Women's Discus

     Deshaya Williams--Champion
     Rachel Longfors

     Stephanie Brown -- Prelims
     Dore' DeBartolo -- Prelims

Women's Hammer

     Candice Scott-Champion
     Jukina Dickerson

      Julianna Tudja


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